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865 Preformed Loop


The five-turn, PVC-encased, 865 Preformed Loop vehicle detector is designed for on-site installation prior to pouring pavement material. The 865 Preformed Loop is ideally suited for drive-thru applications when used in conjunction with the Marsh 610 Loop Vehicle Detector. Because it is self-contained, the 865 Preformed Loop greatly reduces installation timed.


• Measures 18 inches by 54 inches.

• Includes five turns of #14 insulated machine tool wire.

• 48-inch extension to extend loop beyond curb.

• 11-inch extension and 90-degree elbow to extend into menu board/speaker post.

• Encased in schedule 40 PVC material.

• Sealed with 100% silicone sealant to prevent water infiltration.

• 10-foot wire pigtails from loop.

• Loop installation instructions.

• 5-year warranty.

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867 Saw-Cut Loop Kit


Marsh Products' 867 Saw-Cut Vehicle Detector Loop Kit consists of 80 feet of #16 awg wire and loop sealant for the installation of a five-turn loop. It is ideally suited for vehicle detection in traffic control environments such as drive-thrus or parking lots when connected to the Marsh Products 610 Loop Vehicle Detector. A concrete saw is used to cut a rectangular pattern in the concrete or asphalt. The kit is intended to be used after pavement installation; if pavement has not been poured, the Marsh Products 865 Preformed Loop is more cost-effective and easier to install. The kit comes complete with enough wire and sealant to create a five-turn loop measuring 18 by 54 inches. The sealant requires no mixing, dispenses easily with a cartridge gun and is inexpensive to ship by all methods. It is ideal for traffic signals, parking lot gates, drive-thrus and traffic counter control.


• 84 feet of #14 awg machine tool wire for 18-inch-by-54-inch.

• Single-part polyurethane.

• Does not require mixing.

• Sealant dispenses directly from container with cartridge gunt.

• Flexible and tough seall.

• Connects directly to the Marsh Products.