Star~Plus POS & Retail Management Software


Auto~Star's Star~Plus point of sale software is a scalable solution that is suited for small one-lane shops . to large multi-lane supermarkets Designed for efficiency and growth, Star~Plus includes key business tools for a variety of retail segments.


Adaptable software features and modules can be tailored to individual store needs, resulting in optimal performance.

Reliable software architecture ensures that if one machine is down for maintenance, retail operations will continue as usual.

Star~Plus point of sale has been validated by a PA-QSA certified vendor as compliant with the PA-DSS version 1.2 requirements.

Grocery Store POS Systems

Pharmacy POS Systems

Healt & Natural Products Store POS Systems



Customer Management

Star~Plus customer management solutions provide retailers with tools to manage the customer experience and excel at customer service. Our point of sale management solutions feature loyalty and customer-minded programs that have helped our customers increase average basket size and customer retention.

Inventory Management

Star~Plus inventory management solutions include tools to evaluate past performance and plan future action in inventory purchases. This advanced POS inventory system features real-time product updates, suggested ordering, and mobile product management help to place the reatailer in a better position to prevent out of stocks, overstocks, and dissatisfied customers.

Merchandise Management

Star~Plus merchandise management includes applications to help retailers maximize the profits earned from the products sold at the store. This point of sale management system features tools for promotion management, customer communications, and product signs help to enhance the customer experience and optimize merchandising programs.

Operations Management

Star~Plus operations management solutions aid in managing the daily processes and long term strategy required to successfully run and grow a retail business. Resources such as real-time reporting and analysis, system security, and integration with other software solutions help owners and managers keep a pulse on the health of the business.

Cash Management

Star~Plus cash management solutions aid in managing processes at the retail cash office and at the point of sale to ensure the most accurate snapshot of daily business, while saving time and reducing shrinkage.