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Star~Link Chain Management Software

Star~Link retail chain management software offers head offices a system to communicate inventory information, sales updates, and promotions with linked stores. Star~Link exceeds standard information packages by enabling managers to ensure consistency throughout the chain through the use of real-time data processing. Depending on strategy, head offices have the flexibility to manage store operations at varying degrees or to offer independence over the information a store receives from head office. From price updates to purchasing and order booking, the Star~Link retail chain management software offers a diverse number of options in managing the chain at every level. Another feature is centralized charge accounts, which can offer added value to customers who are able to purchase on their account at any of the stores linked to head office. For interested parties, customizable programming is also available to meet specific needs. Headquarters based Star~Link works hand-in-hand with store based Star~Plus point of sale. Star~Plus offers flexibility and reliability to stores all while seamlessly communicating with Star~Link head office chain management software system.

Benefits of Star~link

The best way to manage funds that are accepted at the till. Compare your cash drawer against the computer or through blind balancing, define the types of payment that can be tendered, and create bank deposit reports.

• Rapid promotion and price management

• Identify and utilize outstanding personnel within the organization to perform centralized functions

• Increase buying power

• Control margins

• Provide consistent and accurate reporting

Executive Dashboard

Star~Link Executive Dashboard is a business management tool used to visually observe the status of a businesss and individually linked stores via key business indicators.

Track progress against set business targets

View up to the minute data

Drill down for further analysis

Identify and correct trends before they become an issue

Monitor performance on a daily, weekly or monthly basis


Star~Link Hosted Service

Chain store functionality at a fraction of the cost

No additional upgrade or support fees

Rapid deployment by eliminating many of the standard implementation tasks

Predictable budgeting and planning

Centralized Promo Maintenance

Enter promotions from one location; promos can apply to a single store, group of stores, or all stores

Enter vendor promo information for all stores at once using the Universal Import tool

Take advantage of bulk buys and special deals from vendors by combining all store orders with the Call-For-Order feature

Dynamics GP Integration

The Star~Link Dynamics GP Accounting Integration offers retailers a seamless solution to report and analyze financial, transaction, customer and inventory information for the entire chain without the need for manual data entry. The solution uses the best available tools in the Microsoft platform to measure business success, maximize productivity and ensure accurate and timely reporting.

Order Desk

Use Star~Link Order Desk to create and manage orders from vendors and to manage and report on cash receipts.

Amalgamated Orders

Combine all store orders into one to take advantage of vendor bulk buys and special pricing.

Web Based Flexible Reporting


Centralized Data Cubes and Mining