Restaurant Pagers


Restaurant pagers are a perfect tool to help you increase sales and improve services. With Long Range restaurant pagers, beepers and buzzers your operation will receive several key benefits.

    • Increase the number of tables your restaurant turns

    • Reduce guests from leaving by handing them a beeper

    • Maintain a quieter atmosphere by eliminating the need for an overhead PA system

    • Locate guests more quickly decreasing your table turn time

    • Reduce wait times

    • Give guests the freedom to visit the bar or go outside

    • Reduce hostess stand congestion


LRS is the leading innovator of restaurant paging systems. They were the creators of the first coaster pager and have since developed new technologies to improve restaurant operations.

When considering how many guest pagers to purchase for your restaurant, use the following equation: Wait Time (in minutes) divided by 1.5 = # of restaurant pagers to purchase.

Restaurant pagers are not only available to page waiting guests but are also available to help servers to expedite orders. All of our restaurant server pagers, beepers, and buzzers can be called from the kitchen transmitter as well as from the transmitter at the host stand - if you are using guest pagers in your restaurant.

Long Range server pagers for restaurants offer on-site programming. If a pager becomes lost or broken, you can reprogram another pager from your transmitter. You do not need white boards or grease pencils because now your pager is the same as your ID. The chef knows the number to page because it will be printed on the ticket as the server ID.

Server pagers, beepers, and buzzers will increase sales and improve service with the following benefits.

    • Increase check averages

    • Dramatically improve service levels

    • Servers stay out on the floor with guests

Adverteaser - The Adverteaser paddle pager from LRS was designed with the customer in mind. To minimize breakage, LRS chose to bypass acrylic and manufactures its pagers with durable Lexan material, the strongest plastic available. LRS Adver-teaser has no exposed screws to prevent customer tampering. With its one-piece construction, the LRS paddle pager is extremely durable.

The large, double-sided advertising area holds standard business cards maximizing your marketing potential. For easy customization, these business cards can be purchased at any office supply store and printed on a standard laser printer.


Coaster Call –LRS invented the first stacking coaster pager that started the guest paging revolution. With its patented charging system, LRS coaster pagers can be charged in any direction ensuring a consistent and reliable charge every time.

LRS continues to redefine the onsite paging industry with customer-driven features. LRS now boasts that our coaster pager is the most durable guest pager in the industry. In addition, LRS pioneered the first anti-theft, auto-locate and tracking features to reduce loss to an absolute minimum.


Service Pgers – The Service Pager from LRS is the only on-site pager to feature wireless programmability. This enables the user to easily change the number of any pager from the transmitter at their location. This feature is ideal for servers in restaurants eliminating the need for grease pencils and white boards. It is also the only rechargeable pager that utilizes a pager cradle instead of an attached belt clip.

The LRS service pager has the strongest vibration in the industry making it the workhorse of many industries including restaurants, nurseries, salons, and retail. The LRS service pager has 4 messaging LED lights that will enhance overall communication.