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Natural & Health Food Store POS Systems

Auto~Star’s comprehensive solutions for health & natural products retailers include point of sale, back office, inventory control, customer loyalty, reporting, integrated credit and debit, and chain management software. These full featured solutions help health and nutrition retailers strengthen competitive position, increase customer retention and reduce operating costs.

Auto~Star’s point of sale systems< for health and natural products stores ensures owners can efficiently evaluate product movement to optimize sales and customer retention. Automated inventory tracking and purchasing offers improved order accuracy, quick response to customer trends, and accurate information on promotion success. Customizable cashier screens allow for quick training of new staff and faster transaction times. Stand apart from the big box competition through flexible promotions and adaptable customer loyalty programs.

• Streamline inventory management processes

• Connect with customers and build loyalty

• Increase sales and inventory turnover, while controlling margins

• Build customized reports for real time and relevant business intelligence

Designed for Health & Natural Products Stores


Health food store POS features designed for the health and natural product market combine with frequent product updates to ensure Auto~Star's health food store POS solutions future-proof your business solutions and reduce total cost of ownership in the health & nutrition retail environment. Realize the return on your point of sale investment with the following features:


Integration with Loyalty Programs, including Living Naturally

Customer Promotions & Discounts

Cashier Training Mode

Customizable Shelf & Bulk Bin Labels

Suggested Product Ordering

Integrated Debit & Credit Card Processing

Real-Time Sales & Product Movement Reports

Mobile Product & Price Management

Real-Time Inventory Tracking

Customizable Cashier & Customer Screens