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Star~Plus Operations Management


Star~Plus operations management solutions aid in managing the daily processes and long term strategy required to successfully run and grow a retail business. Resources such as real-time reporting and analysis, system security, and integration with other software solutions help owners and managers keep a pulse on the health of the business.




• Product Reports

• Executive Dashboard

• Wireless Handheld

• Accounting Integration

• Security

• Multi-Store




Product Reports

Star~Plus point of sale software offers extensive reporting options for the summary and analysis of daily business activity and long term forecasting. Scheduled sales reports allow retailers to monitor margins, review sales values, and maintain the product file. Design and produce customized reports through the Report Builder.

Executive Dashboard

The Star~Plus Executive Dashboard Module is a business management tool used to visually observe the status of a business via Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Dashboards use visual, at-a-glance displays of data pulled from various Star~Plus programs and reports to provide summaries of business conditions and alert the user to potential problems.

Wireless Handheld

The Star~Plus Wireless Handheld module utilizes handheld devices to conduct price checks and changes, order and receive products, count inventory, Direct Store Delivery (DSD). Combine a wireless handheld PDA with a mobile printer to print shelf labels on the fly.

Accounting Integration

Star~Plus Accounting Integration can be used in conjunction with various accounting packages to track the accounting for inventory, sales, and funds – eliminating the need to manually enter this information into a third-party system.


For retailers with two to four stores, Star~Plus Multi-Store is a cost effective solution to manage product, inventory and promotions. Through a simple lookup at any linked store, managers have the ability to locate and view stock at any other linked location.