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Star~Plus Inventory Management


Star~Plus inventory management solutions include tools to evaluate past performance and plan future action in inventory purchases. This advanced POS inventory system features real-time product updates, suggested ordering, and mobile product management help to place the reatailer in a better position to prevent out of stocks, overstocks, and dissatisfied customers.




• Product Management

• Inventory Control

• Purchasing & Receiving

• Replenishment Purchasing

• Scientific Purchasing

• Wireless Handheld




Product Management

The heart of the system – set up and maintain the product file in one screen! Create products, track multiple vendor costs, view inventory quantities, and set the retail price.

Inventory Control

Track inventory on hand in real time, manage orders, and update records after physical inventory counts. This application assists retailers in ensuring sales history and margin values are accurate by tracking quantity and cost using First In, First Out (FIFO) methods.

Purchasing & Receiving

Calculate purchase orders based on configurable minimum/maximum quantities on hand per item. Receive inventory manually or through a previously processed purchase order. Streamline operationsby using this module to support Direct Store Delivery (DSD) from major suppliers.

Replenishment Purchasing

Add Replenishment Purchasing to Purchasing & Receiving to calculate purchase orders based on inventory that was sold in a specified time period.

Scientific Purchasing

Calculate more precise order quantities using sales history, current inventory on hand, next order date, lead time, and minimum stock levels. Includes Replenishment Purchasing module.

Wireless Handheld

The Star~Plus retail pos software Wireless Handheld module utilizes handheld devices to conduct price checks and changes, order and receive products, count inventory, Direct Store Delivery (DSD). Combine a wireless handheld PDA with a mobile printer to print shelf labels on the fly. .