Star~Plus Cash Management


Star~Plus cash management solutions aid in managing processes at the retail cash office and at the point of sale to ensure the most accurate snapshot of daily business, while saving time and reducing shrinkage.




• Point of Sale

• FlexKey

• Biometric (Fingerprint) Security

• Cash Tracking and Settlement

• Integrated Credit & Debit

• Transaction Signature Capture




Point of Sale

Auto~Star's retail point of sale systems are designed for ease of use and customer service. The POS software system includes customizable touch screen and keyboard functionality along with on-screen advertising. Security is ensured by defining which functions can be performed by specific security levels.


The Star~Plus FlexKey is a simple point of sale option included in the standard Star~Plus package. With FlexKey, the cashier's screen can be designed and configured for ease of use and speed at the checkout.

Biometric (Fingerprint) Security

The Star~Plus Fingerprint Sensor program is an effective way of enforcing security at your store. Employees log in to the POS or back office using their fingerprint rather than card or passcode.

Cash Tracking and Settlement

Manage funds that are accepted at the till. Compare cash drawer totals against the computer, perform blind balancing, define the types of payment that can be tendered, and create bank deposit reports.

Integrated Credit & Debit

Ensure accuracy, security, and efficiency through the use of Integrated Credit & Debit. Star~Plus is integrated with a variety of payment processors. With Star~Plus Electronic Check Solutions, retailers can continue to offer customers the option of paying for purchases by check.